About Us

Our Mission

Empower the charities of the world to fund their mission more completely.

Our Approach

Provide any non-profit with simplified, cost-effective  access to modern tools for success.

Donor Benefits

Champion your favorite charity from the convenience of your phone and gain recognition for your efforts. 

Cause Benefits

Cut through the complications, motivate your supporters, and grow your community at zero out-of-pocket cost.

Meet the Team

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Ryan grew up in the financial services world and is part of a family that has always made altruism and giving a part of life. In his previous roles, he felt far too disconnected from the results of the benefits that he sold. While dedicating more time to working with Boston area non-profits, he recognized that the more time you spend with charities the more you come to understand their woes. He set out to find a way to make it easier for them to hit their goals.

Ryan spearheads the vision, strategy, and execution of SelfieCause’s daily business operations. He lives with his fiance outside of Boston, MA.

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Jon’s 20 year background in executive non-profit management, tech start-ups, and philanthropy made him the ideal partner as we build SelfieCause. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, a best-selling author, and an international executive coach, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Anthem, Abbvie, and Time Warner as well as tech start-ups in social media, sales enablement, mobility, and fitness.

His non-profit leadership and board experience include Habitat for Humanity, Builders Beyond Borders, and the world’s top hospitals. As a volunteer, he organized an urban summer camp program in Worcester, MA for over a decade and has coached golf on the PGA Tour. He lives with his wife outside Boston, MA.

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Darin is a former Special Operator in the United States Military DSF program, Team 401, and a former US government contractor serving as Commander of the United States Special Operations Group specializing in narcotics, weapons and counter-terrorism,  Search and Rescue and Tactical Land and Water Environment enforcement. He also ran operations in South East Asia to help prevent women and children trafficking. Darin is heavily involved with the veteran non-profit community, lending his leadership and public speaking abilities to various veteran groups across the country.

Darin is the owner and operator of National Chimney, Natural Light Energy Systems, and Kennedy Skylights companies.


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